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Housing Resource Guide Table of Contents

Letter from Andrew Reese, Director, D.C. Department on Disability Services (DDS)

Step 1: Plan 

A. Why Use D.C. Department on Disability Services’ (DDS) Housing Resource Guide?

B. How to Use the Housing Resource Guide

C. Thinking about Renting or Buying Your Own Place 

D. How to Stay Encouraged During Your Housing Search 


Step 2: Determine  

A. What are Your Wants and Needs  

B. What is Your Income and Who Wants to Know 

C. What if Your Income Is Not Enough to Rent or Buy in the District of Columbia (D.C.) 

D. What About the Ticket to Work Program

Step 3: Ask

A. Why Ask About Housing Subsidies and Assistance Programs 

B. What Facts to Remember About Rent Subsidies 

C. What Housing Choice Vouchers Are for Persons with Disabilities 

D. What Are the Department of Human Services’ (DHS) Housing Programs for the Homeless 

E. What Facts to Remember about Homebuyer's Assistance Programs 

Step 4: Prepare

A. What is a Household Budget.  

B. What is Credit 

C. Why Review Your Credit Report 

D. Why are Credit Scores Important

E. What are Good and Bad Credit Scores 

F. How to Improve Your Credit and Scores

G. How to Build Credit if You Have None 

H. How Long Does Negative or Derogatory Information Stays on Your Credit Report 

I. How Can Housing Counseling Prepare You to Live Independently 

J. How to Contact a Housing Counselor 

K. What is a Housing Action Plan (HAP) 

L. What Documents to Keep Updated During Your Housing Search

 Step 5: Use

A. Why Contact a Real Estate Agent 

B. Why Use Real Estate Websites 

C. What Websites to Use When Searching for Affordable and, or Accessible Housing in the District of Columbia (D.C.) 


Step 6: Rent

A. What are Words to Live By 

B. Why Revisit Wants vs. Needs 

C. Who to Contact if You Need Help with Rent, Security Deposit, Moving Expenses, and Utilities 

D. What Are Your Housing Rights 

E. Laws to Reference When Searching for Housing in the District of Columbia

F. What Are Accessibility Rights 

G. What are Reasonable Accommodations and Reasonable Modifications 

H. What Are the 10 Steps to Tenancy  

Step 7: Buy a Home 

A. What is the Homebuying Process 

B. What Help is Available for 1st Time Homebuyers in the District of Columbia (D.C.)

C. What Are the 10 Steps to Homeownership 

D. What Not to Do During the Homebuying Process 

Step 8: Move-in

A. What Resources to Use When Planning Your Move 

Step 9: Up-Keep

A. What Housing Assistance Programs Help Homeowners with Repairs and Accessibility Modifications 

Step 10: Keep-It

A. How to Prevent an Eviction or Foreclosure 

B. How to Avoid Scams 

C. Home Sweet Home

Resources Highlighted in The Guide

Additional Housing Resources