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Randolph Sheppard Vending Facilities Program

The mission of the Randolph Sheppard Vending Facilities Program (RSVFP) is to help persons who are blind achieve financial independence. This objective is met by providing operational, administrative, and training support to promote business growth and entrepreneurship on federal, city, and other properties.


The Randolph Sheppard Act of 1936 established the Business Enterprise Program (BEP) for persons who are blind. The BEP provides persons who are blind with business entrepreneurship and self-support through the operation of vending facilities on federal, state, and other property.

About Us

The DC RSVFP is a vocational rehabilitation program in the DC Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA). RSA is the designated State Licensing Agency (SLA) authorized by 34 C.F.R. §395 Vending Facility Program for the Blind on Federal and Other Property. As the designated SLA, RSVFP has priority in the establishment of vending facility operations on federal and other properties. Vending facility operations include snack bars, gift shops, cafeterias, food courts, automatic vending operations, and various other retail and food service operations.  

If a District or federal government agency or other business is interested in providing customers and/or employees with a convenient on-site food, vending, or beverage service, the RSVFP is the organization to help fulfill this need. It will be our responsibility to assess the space for adequate electrical and plumbing supports, assist in the design, and layout of the service requested, provide all equipment and merchandise inventory, as well as select a licensed blind vendor manager to service the location.

More Information about RSVFP and the Blind Vendor Program