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PRC Recommendation Performance Indicator

As one of the Provider Report Card Performance Indicators, Recommendations provide cumulative performance data to providers and identify opportunities and challenges to providing high quality services to people with disabilities in the District.

Open Recommendations

These are a moving target because recommendations are closed every day. The count of open recommendations on your organization’s Provider Report Card is the number of open recommendations on the date the data was pulled. This is typically within one week of the distribution of the Report Cards. It is possible for the number of open recommendations reported on your organization’s Report Card to be different from the number of open recommendation on the day your organization receives the Report Card. This indicator does not necessarily reflect provider performance, but is another way for DDA to communicate the number of recommendations open.

Overdue Recommendations

These are recommendations that are open and past their due date. Similar to open recommendations, this is counted from the date the data was pulled for the Report Cards, so it is possible for recommendations to be closed between the time the data is pulled and the time your organization receives the Report Card.

Closed Recommendations

To count the number of recommendations closed, DDA considers recommendations that are assigned to your organization and closed during the time period specified in the Report Card. When each recommendation is closed it is categorized in one of the following ways: Implemented, Provider Non-Compliant, DDA Non-Compliant, or Other. The Report Card shows the percentage of recommendations closed as implemented and non-compliant. For recommendations that were closed as implemented, the Report Card shows the percentage that were closed on-time.

Closing Recommendations On-Time

When recommendations are issued to providers, they are assigned a due date that is based on the nature of the recommendation and what would be considered a reasonable amount of time to implement the recommendation. Thus, calculating the percentage of recommendations implemented on-time is based on whether or not the recommendation is closed by the due date assigned. Note that the Provider Report Card does not measure the timely closure of recommendations for those that are categorized as Other or Provider Non-Compliant.