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Putting Ability to Work

The Department on Disability Services is committed to helping people with disabilities live life their way.  Learn more about the people we support and the value they add to businesses and communities throughout the DC metropolitan region.

Antoine Arrington: Setting and Reaching Goals
This Project SEARCH graduate is employed as a building services worker with the Smithsonian Institution. What he loves most about his job is seeing the smiles on visitors’ faces when they come into his building. His success is due in part to the support he receives from his vocational rehabilitation counselor and his service coordinator. See more . . .


Samira Taylor:  Keep Evolving
It was the hit TV drama Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) that sparked Samira Taylor’s interest in forensic science. With the help of her guidance counselor at Theodore Roosevelt High School and the support of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Shontae Waldrip, Taylor discovered Hilbert College in Hamburg, NY. The small liberal arts college offers an academic track in forensic science/crime scene investigation. After one visit to the campus, she was hooked.  See more. . .

Carlos Zacarias: Grateful for the Support
Connecting with DDS/RSA has provided Carlos various opportunities to connect with different people and engage with the community. Through his experience with the Direct Support Professionals Academy, he was pleased to learn how services for people with disabilities continues to evolve. He notes that the right support makes all the difference.  See more . . .


Juanita Wells: Just Put Your Mind to It
Blind since birth, this native Washingtonian connected with DDS and RSA when she was in high school. And she knew exactly what she wanted: to go to college, to find a job, and to live independently. The transition from in-person learning to virtually learning due to the pandemic of 2021 was difficult for her, but her Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor provided constant support and motivation, which made a big difference.  Learn more…


Mariel Sanchez: You Have a Voice
The experience and insight gained from working in her mother’s daycare center and studying Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences fuel the desire of Mariel Sanchez to start her own business. Sanchez connected with DDS/RSA during her senior year at Columbia Heights Education Campus and got support to attend college. She was finishing up her undergraduate degree at Trinity University when her case was transferred to Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist Stephen Calvit. He noticed right away that she was passionate, patient, and had the ability to accomplish great things. She just needed help bringing it out.  See more . . .

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