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How We Evaluate Providers

DDS is committed to regular and thorough monitoring of our service providers so that you can be confident in the quality of services that are available which we believe is critical to facilitating the exercising of informed choice. 

The State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) works in partnership with DDS to measure the level of consumer satisfaction with the services provided by RSA.  In addition, RSA conducts an annual Consumer Satisfaction Survey that helps measure the level of satisfaction with RSA services and this information is used to help evaluate the effectiveness of the various RSA providers. 

DDA service providers participate in a rigorous provider evaluation system that includes an annual Provider Certification Review (PCR), an annual Provider Performance Review and a monthly Provider Report Card.   The details of each of these evaluation tools are included in our DDA Quality Management Strategy or through the specific links below.

DDS is also interested in your opinion and has several options available for input to our Customer Relations Unit including an on line survey.

The following information will help you to understand how DDS evaluates our providers: