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DDA Provider Performance Reviews

The Provider Performance Review (PPR) Process ensures all provider performance data is synthesized from throughout DDS/DDA and presented in a coordinated and comprehensive manner on at least an annual basis. The PPR is managed by the Provider Resource Management Unit (PRMU) with a published annual schedule of review for each residential and day/vocational provider.

At the time of the review, PRMU coordinates the receipt of key performance measures and review the findings with the provider and representatives from the Service Planning and Coordination and Quality Management Divisions. A provider quality improvement plan addresses performance measures falling below established benchmarks. The provider is supported to pursue quality improvement strategies in support of advancing best practice in the absence of performance deficits.

In an effort to continually address and improve organizational performance and maintain high quality of care/services, the PRMU representative evaluates the provider organization’s performance in key policy areas, and track the effectiveness of new, redesigned or improved processes employed by the provider agency on a quarterly basis. This is achieved through receipt and review of performance measures and a review of the provider’s update on progress with the Quality Improvement plan. The PRMU manager initiates further remedial actions based on these quarterly reviews as needed.

The responsibilities of the PPR include, but are not limited to:

  • Analyze and monitor provider performance indicators “Report Card” and Quality Improvement work plan for trends/variances and communicate recommendations to the DDS Deputy Director for DDA as needed to improve provider performance and personal outcomes.
  • Develop and implement quality improvement activities with the provider based on results of the performance indicator analysis.
  • Monitor the provider QI plan progress on a quarterly basis.
  • Conduct evaluations on individual provider performance for the DDS Contracts and Procurement Office on an annual basis.

The Coalition is a professional organization that provides support and services, consistent with choice, to people with intellectual and other disabilities.

The Coalition advocates for most promising practices in the industry and serves its members by ensuring continuing progress toward greater quality of life for those residing in and around the greater Washington, DC area with intellectual disabilities and other disabilities.

Contact: DC Provider Coalition