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DC Ticket to Work

Ticket to Work is a program administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA), designed to help people receiving Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) go to work. If you are 16-64 and currently receive SSI or SSDI, you are already eligible for the Ticket to Work program, which gives you access to employment services from an SSA-approved Administrative Employment Network of your choosing. Ticket to Work can link you to the services and supports you need to pursue a personally rewarding, financially secure career. 

SSA has approved the Department on Disability Services (DDS) to serve as an Administrative Employment Network (EN) in the District of Columbia. As an Administrative EN, DDS can provide services under the Ticket program such as job placement and training, vocational rehabilitation, and career counseling, to eligible ticket holders. For people thinking about entering the workforce for the first time or returning to work after a break, thinking about how working will impact your benefits can be confusing and scary, which is why individualized, comprehensive benefits counseling services are covered and available to all ticket holders under the Ticket program. Additionally, Ticket to Work lets you keep your benefits while you transition to the world of employment, and the program has protections that help you return to SSI or SSDI benefits if you cannot continue working as a result of your disability. Also, if you are already receiving or have received VR services from DDS’ Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) in the past, Ticket to Work can often pay for services after RSA has closed your case and/or you are no longer eligible for services from RSA.

There is no cost to you to participate in Ticket to Work, and participation is entirely voluntary. If you choose to participate, DDS (or another eligible SSA-approved Employment Network you choose that serves District of Columbia residents with disabilities, such as Green Door) will work with you to create an Individual Work Plan that contains employment goals and services provided by the Administrative EN. 

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