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IDS Frequently Asked Questions

Monday, September 8, 2014

Service Referral and Authorization Process

What should a provider expect to receive in an IDS Referral Package?

The referral package will include the key information providers need including the completed My Day-My Way form, and if available the Positive Personal Profile.

Should Service Coordinators be asking for the Initial CIP before the service authorization can be completed?

No, the person has to select and IDS provider be accepted by that provider and then the service authorization can be processed. The Initial CIP is due three calendar days after the start date in the authorization, not prior to that.

Community Integration Plans

Please provide clarification of deadlines for the Initial CIP and the On-going CIP?  

The Initial CIP is due within 3 calendar days of the start date of the service and should be submitted to the Service Coordinator. The Ongoing-CIP is due at the 30 calendar day mark.  The initial CIP should focus on the assessment of the person; to explore with the person their interests and goals in the areas specified.  The Ongoing CIP is the service plan for the IDS.

Record Keeping

Should "Active Treatment Goal Sheets" be used to record/report quantitative data on skill goals? 

The Active Treatment Goal Sheets should not be used unless someone is in an ICF (and then they wouldn't be receiving this waiver service but maybe a similar experience via ICF funding).  The quarterly report also requires reporting on progress related to skill goals.
Expectations and examples for what good IDS progress notes should include/address is available in the DDS IDS Tool Kit (the link can be added here). 

Dealing with Unexpected Circumstances

Does the IDS reimbursement rate include an absence rate that is built in so that reasonable absences by IDS participants?

IDS rates include a vacancy/absence factor.


Should IDS staff travel with people from their home to the IDS service delivery site if transportation is being provide by MTM? 

IDS providers should be meeting the person at the IDS service delivery site in the community and not traveling to the person's home, waiting with the person, and then riding with the person if MTM is providing the transportation.  IDS services are habilitative in nature; therefore, unless the person is learning to travel to and from his/her home to another location IDS services cannot be utilized to bring a person to the IDS service delivery site.

Who is responsible for transportation during IDS services?

IDS providers are responsible for transportation during the delivery of IDS services.  Transportation costs are built into the rate.  MTM can only pick up/drop off the person to or from the start and/or end of service day.

What does MTM need to arrange for pick up/drop off?

MTM requests a sole source when arranging for pick up/drop off.  That person will be responsible for informing MTM of the time and location for pick up/drop off.

How much time does MTM need for changes to transportation?

MTM requests three (3) business days’ notice for all changes unless your trip is urgent.

Can the person I support use more than one (1) form of MTM transportation?

MTM policy is that people can only be approved for one (1) form of transportation (let DDA know if more flexibility would be helpful

How do I contact MTM?

To schedule transportation: 1-866-796-0601

To file a complaint: 1-866-436-0457

*Call MTM’s WeCare line if you have a complaint about your ride or other service, use the online form, or email [email protected]
If your ride is late: 1-888-293-4687

*Call MTM’s RideFinders line if you had a pre-scheduled return ride and you have waited for more than 30 minutes, or if you called your transportation provider after your appointment and have waited for more than one hour.

Can people be dropped off/picked up at the facility based day habilitation location?

Yes, people are able to use traditional day habilitation locations for pick up/drop off.

Where can I access additional transportation information?

Additional transportation information can be found on the IDS tool kit page in section. You may also contact:
• April Lee, Program Manager [email protected]  202 263 4640 ext. 4320
• April’s supervisor is Michelle Moses ([email protected])
Please copy Mr. Oliver Parker, DDA Transportation Coordinator at (202) 730-1564 on all communications with April and/or Michelle

Can providers use public transportation during IDS service delivery?

The use of public transportation is strongly encouraged whenever possible.  Helping people learn to use public transportation is a key goal of IDS.