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DDS Learning Work Experience Agreement Form

Thursday, August 12, 2010
RSA Manual

Learning Work Experience Agreement Form from DC's DDS

It is the responsibility of DDS to provide direct, on-the-job supervision of the volunteer/student which includes the following:

  1. Orienting the volunteer/student to DDS’ structure and operations.
  2. Orienting the volunteer/student to DDS’ policies and procedures regarding appropriate dress, office hours, and applicable leave policies.
  3. Introducing the volunteer/student to the appropriate professional and clerical staff.
  4. Providing the volunteer/student with adequate resources necessary to accomplish job objectives.
  5. Affording the volunteer/student the opportunity to identify with the supervisor as a professional staff person by jointly participating in office interviews, meetings, conferences, projects, and other personnel and management functions.
  6. Assigning and supervising the completion of tasks and responsibilities that are consistent with the volunteer/student’s role in the company.
  7. Consulting the faculty coordinator (if applicable) in the event that the supervisor becomes aware of personal, communication or other problems that are disrupting the volunteer/student’s learning and performance.
  8. Providing regularly scheduled supervisory conferences with the volunteer/student.
  9. Participating in joint and individual conferences with the volunteer/student and faculty coordinator regarding the student intern's performance (if applicable).
  10. Submitting an evaluation on the volunteer/student’s job performance.