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DDS/RSA Community Input

DDS Community Input

The District of Columbia’s Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) is conducting an assessment of the vocational rehabilitation and independent living needs of individuals with disabilities living in the District.  We need your help!!

You can participate in this assessment in two different ways, The first is by taking a short online confidential survey.  The second is by participating in a focus group

The surveys are completely confidential and will only take15-20 minutes to complete.  They are four different categories of surveys, please fill out the ONE that best pertains to you, by clicking on the survey link!

Click on this survey, VR Individual survey, if you are an individual with a disability, a family member, caregiver or advocate of an individual with a disability.

Click on this survey, IL Individual survey, if you are associated with independent living services as an individual with a disability, a family member, caregiver or advocate of an individual with a disability that has previously, currently, or may receive independent living services

Click on this survey, Community partner survey, if you work for a community organization such as a school, community rehabilitation program or other organization that serves individuals with disabilities.

Click on this survey, Business survey, if you are part of the business community in the District of Columbia, and the company/organization you work for has previously employed, currently employs or may in the future employ people with disabilities.

The second way you can contribute is through participation in a focus group.  We will be conducting several focus groups that will last between 1-2 hours, with the average time being about 1.5 hours.  Focus groups typically include between 5-10 people.  Focus groups give you the opportunity to express your thoughts and opinions in a small group environment that is led by an experienced facilitator.  We will be scheduling focus groups in a few different locations throughout the District of Columbia, but many will be held at DDS’ main offices located at 1125 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC.  There will be one focus group in the morning from 9:30 – 11:30 and one in the afternoon from 1:00 – 3:00 during the following days:

July 22-25
August 4-8
August 11-15 (Independent living only)
August 18-20 (Independent living only)
September 8-12 (Businesses only)

If you are available to participate in a focus group, please contact Meredith Ross by e-mail at [email protected], indicating
(1) the focus group date and time you can attend;
(2) name of specific individual(s) attending;
(3) contact email and phone number; and
(4) any accommodations needed to participate. 

Light refreshments will be provided to participants.  If you cannot attend any of the above scheduled sessions but are willing to be interviewed by phone, please make this known in your response to Meredith Ross, along with the alternate dates and times that you are available.

Finally-we would greatly appreciate forwarding this note to anyone you know who has applied for, used, or considered DCRSA or independent living services.

Whether you complete a survey, participate in a focus group, or do both, your input is critically important to improving services for District of Columbia residents with disabilities.  Thank you for participating!