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Additional Disability Awareness Training

Several organizations have created training material for disability awareness. Some of this material is freely available from the Web, some require subscriptions or fees, depending on the source.

Disability Rights & Resources is a private non-profit about disability awareness training covering Disability Awareness Training. Training topics that they offer include:

  • Disability Awareness, Sensitivity & Inclusiveness
  • Aging and Disabilities
  • Community Living Transition
  • Specifically for Businesses: Customer Service and People with Disabilities
  • Reasonable Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities

This abstract is for the article from Disability Rehabilitation (2001 Jan 15; 23(1):43-80 about disability awareness training for disability professionals, Disability Awareness Training for Disability Professionals is available from the National Institute of Health.  Peterson and Quarstein wrtote this article, published by The Virginia School of the Deaf and Blind, Hampton, VA, USA



This article describes work at the Virginia School of the Deaf and Blind in Hampton, Virginia, USA. Disability sensitivity training in businesses and government organizations has become a more important activity in the United States since the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) of 1992 was published. That act of the US Congress required organizations to hire and make reasonable accommodations for the disabled.


Lack of sensitivity or awareness of the plight of the disabled in business and government continues to be a distinct problem requiring attitude changes and training, but this problem can become acute even for professionals in organizations dedicated to the care and education of the disabled.


Professionals tend to become inured to the hardships of others and lose sight of the need for both verbal and non-verbal sensitivity in the workplace.