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Toolkit for Serving on a Human Rights Committee

Steven Powe working at a PC

This toolkit was created by Steven Powe, through the Self Advocacy Resource and Technical Assistance Center (SARTAC) Fellowship, supported by DDS and Project ACTION! The SARTAC Fellowship is a year-long opportunity for self-advocates to develop and grow their skills as leaders in the self-advocacy movement. Fellows will work with a supporting host organization on policy issues or a project that can help develop their leadership skills. To find out more go to 

This toolkit is a series of six (6) PowerPoints created to train self-advocates and others to effectively serve on Human Rights Committees and for their voices to be heard:

Learning about Rights

1. Fundamental Rights and Responsibilities

2. Your Right to Vote

3. The Right to Choose Your Relationships

4. The Right To Say ‘NO’

Making it Happen

5. How to Serve on Boards, Committees, and Human Rights Committees

6. My Vision for Myself as a Member of a Human Rights Committee