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Department on Disability Services

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Current Year Performance Plan and KPIs

The Performance Management Unit (PMU) within the Quality Assurance and Performance Management Administration (QAPMA) manages the development of the agency’s Performance Plan and the Performance Accountability Report. 

In alignment with the mission of the Department on Disability Services (DDS) to provide innovative high-quality services that enable people with disabilities to lead meaningful and productive lives, the work of the agency is mapped to the following Strategic Objectives as stated in the Performance Plan:

  1. Provide high quality direct services and supports leading to the full inclusion of people with disabilities in the District. 
  2. Improve the quality-of-service planning and responsiveness of service coordination and advocacy to improve personal outcomes and customer satisfaction. 
  3. Improve the performance of DDS and provider community operations aligned with best practice to lead to improved personal outcomes and satisfaction. 
  4. Operate effective systems of continuous quality assurance and improvement to ensure the provider network is incompliance with District policies and regulations, ensures health and safety and mitigates risks. 
  5. Create and maintain a highly efficient, transparent, and responsive District government. 

For more information on the agency’s current performance plan and adjoining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), please access the plan via the link below:

At the end of each Fiscal Year, all District agencies are required to document factors that quantify their efficiency by comparing actual results against targets associated with KPIs and Initiatives as stated in their Performance Plan. This reporting is published in the agency Performance Accountability Report (PAR).

For more information on the agency’s current Performance Accountability Report, please access the report via the link below: 

Current Year RSA State Plan