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Gentlemen of Service

Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Gentlemen of Service

Gentlemen of Service
The northeast house managed by Wholistic Services II has a busy orderliness about it, perhaps because each DSP is focused on engaging members of the home in meaningful activity, and grateful for the opportunity to do so.  DSP in this home recognize that in other countries, people with disabilities are often discarded and left to die.

It’s almost dinner time for the residents and Philip Carew (top right) is a whirlwind of energy.  The former nurse from Sierra Leone, Africa, moves about quickly to make sure that the needs of the six gentleman who live there are met.  For him, the switch from nursing to direct support was a natural move.  “I like to take care of people who have challenges.” Faced with various health concerns of his own, Philip understands what it feels like to need help.  “Without the help of others, I would not be here, so it is [best] for me to help others while I can.”

Working with the gentlemen of the house is the first job ever for Abdul Sheriff (Bottom).  Initially the 28-year old wasn’t interested in working with people with disabilities, but his mom, who is a nurse, convinced him to give it a try.  Seven years later, he now realizes that “they need us and we need them.”  Like all DSP, Abdul assists residents with daily routines.  Today, he was the head chef charged with preparing a healthy, well-balanced meal for the residents. On the menu: salmon salad.  Through his work with Wholistic Services II Abdul has learned that “people with disabilities can make a difference in your life.  You can learn a lot from them and a lot about yourself by the way you treat them