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Alternative Work Schedule

One of the employment benefits at the Department of Disability Services is the ability of our employees to create a flexible schedule while providing increased hours for customer service. The Alternative Work Schedule (AWS) allows managers and supervisors to maximize their work group productivity and achieve their program goals by providing work schedule options that reflect the the work needs.

The AWS provides oppotunities for employees to have more flexibility to balance work and family responsibilities, take advantage of educational opportunities, and become involved with community and volunteer activities, etc. Alternate Work schedules also provide opportunities to increase customer service, redcue overtime expenses, and improve employee morale.There are two types of AWS: Flexible and Compressed.

Flexible Work Schedule (FWS)

Flexible Work Schedule (FWS) is a work schedule that has an eighty (80)-hour, ten-day biweekly basic work requirement that includes the designated core hours and allows the employee to determine his or her own schedule of Flex Hours. Flex Hours are considered the time period prior and post the core hours during which an employee under a flexible work schedule can schedule their arrival and departure times.

The basic requirements are for a forty (40) hour work week that is scheduled on fewer than five (5) days. The working hours in each day of the basic workweek are not required to be the same. C. The basic non-overtime workday may exceed eight (8) hours without requiring overtime pay.

Compressed Work Schedule (CWS)

The basic requirements for a CWS is an eighty (80) hour biweekly basic work requirement that is scheduled within nine (9) work days, including scheduled or unscheduled leave. The compressed work schedule does not include overtime hours.

Each employee under a CWS program is required to conform to a fixed work schedule that does not exceed nine (9) hours for any workday.