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Enhanced Monitoring

Enhanced monitoring is conducted by DDA. The QE/QI Unit coordinates the Enhanced Monitoring effort across DDA divisions. Monitoring is initiated immediately in cases of significant concerns related to health and welfare. Enhanced monitoring for reasons other than urgent health and welfare concerns should be initiated within 5 business days.

Within five (5) business days of the determination to initiate the enhanced monitoring, the Enhanced Monitoring Team develops a single integrated monitoring tool. This tool incorporates all outstanding issues from all DDS divisions. All requests, schedules and benchmarks is developed, reviewed and assigned timelines for completion.

The Enhanced Monitoring Plan includea the frequency of visits; site(s), service(s), individual(s); sample size; and duration (expected time frame for resolution). It will also define the criteria for the Provider to meet in order to be removed from Enhanced Monitoring.

The Enhanced Monitoring Plan is reviewed weekly by the QIS and QE/QI Manager and bi-weekly by the Team. It is the responsibility of the QIS to make revisions (adding additional indicators/issues as discovered) or modifying the frequency, sampling, duration or other aspects of the Plan.